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First Published: Sep 19, 2019
Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019
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  • Create a 10-point digital charter that will outline the government's basic principles for online governance, including universal access, safety and security, user control over personal data, transparency and portability and keeping digital platforms free from hate and violent extremism.
  • Data: Guarantee Canadians data portability — the ability of consumers to retain data when changing services.
  • A regulatory shift to holding organizations responsible for the way their customers’ data is being gathered, stored, and used.
  • Personal Information: Strengthen the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the privacy law that governs private sector corporations, last updated in the early 2000s.
  • Review the Statistics Act, re. collection of banking information of Canadians.


  • Create a cabinet committee on cyber security and data privacy bringing a new level of attention to a problem that is only set to grow as more of our information is stored digitally.
  • Industry insight: Strike a committee of industry players with the power to define “binding” cybersecurity standards.
  • To conduct quarterly cyber testing of all departments and ensure businesses like Google and Facebook collected data with Canadians’ informed consent.
  • Ensuring clear user agreements are in place for data collection, and allowing consumers right to access any of their data collected by businesses.


  • Protect Canadians in trade negotiations against measures that could undermine privacy rights.
  • Enhancing real-time oversight of security services, and fully respecting the privacy and Charter rights of all Canadians.
  • Work to strengthen privacy protections for Canadians by boosting the power of the Privacy Commissioner to make and enforce orders.

Green Party

  • Create regulations to spell out ethics and safety-centered legal criteria as well as detailing significant issues relating to law, liability, intellectual property rights, the flow of data, and privacy.
  • Significantly increase the powers of the Privacy Commissioner, in particular to protect identity and personal data, and to enforce privacy laws.
  • Require that internet service providers may only release data when required to do so by warrant, except in emergency situations.
  • Require companies to grant access to all information they hold on an individual, and to delete personal information from company databases when requested by that person. Individuals would have the “right to be forgotten.”
  • Establish a parliamentary inquiry to recommend modernizing privacy laws
  • Create mandatory data breach reporting for all government departments, companies, and banks
  • Regulate Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to ensure that only actual people, with verifiable identities, are able to publish on those platforms.

People's Party

Bloc Quebecois

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