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Scheer on his dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship: 'I've never been asked about it'

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship but is in the process of renouncing his American citizenship. “Like millions of Canadians, one of my parents (was) born in another country,” he said. “I met with representatives from the embassy in August and announced I was renouncing my citizenship and submitted the paperwork to start that process.”

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Andrew Scheer will face a barrage of questions today about his dual citizenship. Despite his denial, expect reporters to continue to ask Scheer whether or not he has voted in US elections.

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Alise Mills on Justin Trudeau's Two Planes

Sussex's Alise Mills breaks down carbon offsets and their inability to mitigate any of the current environmental issues facing the country.

October 3, 2019
Globe and Mail

Conservatives promise to cut foreign aid by 25 per cent, focus on poorest countries

The Conservatives would cut Canadian foreign-assistance spending by a quarter if elected and shift funding from middle and high-income countries to the world’s poorest countries.

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Maxime Bernier's People's Party Platform also includes a promise to 'save billions of dollars by phasing out development aid'. Except Trudeau and the Liberal candidates to criticize the move and reaffirm their support for foreign aid.

Globe and Mail

Liberal platform projects mounting deficits, including $27.4-billion budget gap next year

The Liberals are promising billions in new spending and tax cuts if re-elected, with a campaign plan that would increase the deficit to $27.4-billion next year and run up large deficits for three more.

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After much speculation and criticism that the Liberals were not unveiling costed policy proposals, the party finally unveiled its entire platform ahead of Wednesday’s TVA french-language debate. Of note however, some of their biggest ticket items such as pharmacare was not PBO-costed.


Federal leaders speak to media following French-language debate

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Yves-François Blanchet of the Bloc Québécois are speaking to media following the TVA French-language debate.

Airdate: Oct 02, 2019


Campaign Roundup Day 20

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pledged to create 500,000 child-care spaces, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talked about gun control and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer vowed to improve access to the disability tax credit on Day 20 of the election campaign.

Airdate: Sep 30, 2019


Andrew Scheer’s data genius

Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager Hamish Marshall is a master of persuasion, using data to target voters. He helped Scheer secure the Conservative leadership. The Weekly takes a look at how Marshall could give the Conservative Party a win in October.

Airdate: Sep 29, 2019

Friday, October 4th

0 Days Until Election Day

A tweet on Tuesday by People's Party candidate in Saskatoon-Grasswood Mark Friesen that depicts NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wearing a turban with a bomb on it surfaced yesterday. Friesen explained he thought it was tuque when he shared it. A spokesperson for Singh responded by saying, "Here's a statement: This cartoon is obviously unacceptable".

Today on Day 24 of the election campaign: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will begin her day at Victoria's Gorge Park to discuss tree planting. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will make stops in Saskatoon and Thunder Bay today. Meanwhile, Conservative Leader will announce a new policy in Etobicoke this morning. Finally, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will head to Quebec City before he tree-plants in Saint-Anaclet.

Stay tuned for our latest insights, top stories, and everything #elxn43 related.

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