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‘We all had costumes on’: Guests recall Arabian Nights gala Trudeau attended in brownface

Amidst the belly dancers, “Desert Breeze” drinks and “glittering trinkets” of the Arabian Nights gala of one of British Columbia’s top private schools was future prime minister Justin Trudeau, a teacher at the time, wearing an Aladdin costume that included brownface makeup.

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While we are still waiting to capture the political fallout from the images, the West Point Academy community has largely come out in support of the 'Arabian Nights' gala the school hosted in 2001.

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Justin Trudeau Addresses Brownface Photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to a 2001 photo that surfaced which apparently showed him with a darkened face for a costume party. Trudeau apologized for the incident and acknowledged the action was “racist.”

September 18, 2019
Leaders' Debates Commission

Maxime Bernier invited to participate in official commission debates

The official Leaders' Debates Commission has decided to invite Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, to participate in the English and French debates that will be televised next month.

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David Johnston, the former governor general who leads the commission, determined that the PPC had successfully satisfied two of the three criteria necessary to be included in the debates. We also found out the ridings the PPC believes they have a legitimate chance of winning. Of note, Etobicoke-North, where the PPC candidate is the widow of former mayor Rob Ford.


Scheer promises income tax rate cut

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer promised on Sunday that if he becomes prime minister after October’s election, his government will cut the tax rate on taxable income under $47,630 to 13.75 per cent from 15 per cent.

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The Conservatives unveiled one of their major policy proposals over the weekend. The mantra for their campaign has been about putting more money in the pockets of Canadians and the income tax cut does just that. Expect Scheer and his surrogates to tout this campaign promise every single day in order to really drive the message home.


Child benefit, RESPs, affordable housing

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau vowed to increase the Canada Child Benefit, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer proposed increasing Ottawa’s contributions to RESPs and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pledged to invest billions of dollars in affordable housing on Day 7 of the election campaign.

Airdate: Sep 17, 2019


Parliamentary budget watchdog is costing election promises

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has been costing key components of the parties’ election platforms to help voters understand the true cost of certain federal election campaign promises.

Airdate: Sep 16, 2019


What political parties know about you

How much do Canadian political parties know about you? And how are they using that to influence your vote? The Weekly investigates the secretive world of campaign data-gathering, and how they’re using it ahead of the federal election.

Airdate: Sep 15, 2019

Friday, September 20th

0 Days Until Election Day

According to Jody Wilson-Raybould's new book set to be released today, the Liberals missed a key opportunity to advance reconciliation with First Nations. Wilson-Raybould reiterated that she was "extremely disappointed" to see racist pictures of Justin Trudeau wearing brownface and blackface and also revealed that she eventually will write a memoir about her years in office.

Today on Day 10 of the campaign: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will be in Toronto today where he is set to make a policy announcement at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer begins his day with an announcement at the University of New Brunswick before heading towards Saint Andrews, N.B. Meanwhile, Elizabeth May will be making a transportation infrastructure in Calgary before holding a rally with supporters later tonight.

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