Scheer allows MPs to speak their mind but won’t reopen debate on divisive issues

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will allow elected Tories to freely vote on bills against abortion or same-sex marriage, but would oppose attempts to re-open debate on such social issues if he becomes prime minister.

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Conservative leader Andrew Scheer had an opportunity to clarify his stance on abortion and same-sex marriage on Thursday, but his press conference made things worse. Scheer is accusing the Liberals of bringing up 'divisive' social issues. However, expect the Liberals to continue to keep this in the news cycle.

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Trudeau won't commit to all election debates

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has not committed to attending election debates hosted by Maclean's or the Munk debates. Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, and Elizabeth May have agreed to attend those debates as well as those put on by the debates commission.

August 29, 2019
Globe and Mail

Conservatives, Liberals, Greens and NDP to use PBO costing service this fall

The parties are using the Parliamentary Budget Office to help estimate the cost of their election promises, in spite of concerns the new process creates a risk that their campaign announcements will be leaked.

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The PBO has a legislated mandate to provide confidential costing analysis to political parties for the first time. Last fall, Pierre Poilievre expressed concerns some elements of his party's plan could be leaked. While the PBO handles sensitive information with sensitivity and integrity, expect party officials to still be concerned that some components of their plans may come in the hands of bad actors and made public.


Ambrose disagrees with Scheer about NAFTA talks

Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is disagreeing with Andrew Scheer’s claim that the Trudeau Liberals caved in NAFTA renegotiations with the Trump administration. Ambrose says that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made some concessions to get a deal with the U.S., namely offering limited access to Canada’s supply-managed dairy sector, but also made some important gains.

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An interesting bit from Abrose was that Scheer's criticism of the dairy concession and his strong support for supply management was instrumental in his leadership win over Bernier. Ambrose acknowledged that a GDP hit to both the US and Canada was virtually a wash, and Mexico was the hardest hit.

Globe and Mail

Liberals will promise to cut wireless bills in election campaign

The Liberals will promise to help cut cellphone and internet bills in an upcoming election campaign amid widespread complaints about the cost of wireless communications, party sources said.

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Many expected this issue would appear on the Liberal platform. Though it is not official, PMJT said on Monday that Canadians were paying too much money for their internet and telecom services. The CRTC says that wireless costs account for 'almost 9 per cent of the household income of the bottom 20 per cent of Canadians.'

Canadian Press

Bernier blames billboard woes on 'totalitarian leftist mob'

Maxime Bernier is blaming a "totalitarian leftist mob" for the decision to take down billboards promoting his controversial stance on immigration. The leader of the People's Party of Canada is complaining of censorship after the owner of the billboards, featuring Bernier's face and a slogan advocating against mass immigration, said he would remove the ads in response to an outpouring of criticism.

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News that the company which owns the billboards had decided to take them down came on the same day in which the People's Party of Canada officially launched their national campaign. Although Bernier did not consult with the third-party advertising group which bought the billboard space, he said that he agreed with the message.

Globe and Mail

McKenna backs off pledge to freeze carbon tax at $50 a tonne

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has backed off a pledge to freeze the carbon tax at $50 a tonne after 2022, saying a re-elected Liberal government would review the levy with provinces before deciding how to proceed.

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Although the original climate agreement in 2016 called for a review “by 2022 to confirm the path forward”, Catherine McKenna said in June the Liberals had no plan to increase the tax once it hit $50 a tonne. Expect the Conservatives to jump all over this narrative that a carbon tax will be more expensive for Canadian families.


Ontario appealing carbon tax decision to Supreme Court

Ontario has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court to re-examine a ruling by the province’s top court that found the federal carbon tax to be constitutional.

Airdate: Aug 28, 2019


Conservatives under scrutiny over social issues ahead of election campaign

Liberals are calling for clarity on the Conservative Party's positions on abortion and LGBT rights ahead of the election, arguing that the Tories are sending mixed messages on social issues.

Airdate: Aug 27, 2019


Parties unveil slogans and ads ahead of election

The Conservative and Liberal parties have launched ad campaigns and new slogans ahead of the federal election campaign.

Airdate: Aug 26, 2019


Trudeau talks trade with Trump at G7 summit

The leaders of the world's most industrialized and developed economies buckled down on the French seaside today for the annual G7 summit.

Airdate: Aug 25, 2019
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Friday, August 30th

0 Days Until Election Day

The Liberal Party of Canada is using former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's endorsement video of Andrew Scheer to raise money. In a new fundraising email that went out yesterday, the LPC said, "Conservatives don't like it when we point out that Andrew Scheer wants to take Canada back to the days of Stephen Harper."

On the pre-campaign trail today: Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will be at the University of Toronto today to tout the feds' spending on research. Meanwhile, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu is in Dorion, Ontario today for an infrastructure event. Finally, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez will make an announcement in Quebec on the government’s support for the steel and aluminium sectors.

Stay tuned for our latest insights, top stories, and everything #elxn43 related.

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