Federal government to pay $900-million settlement over military sexual misconduct

The settlement comes more than four years after former Supreme Court justice Marie Deschamps released a landmark report identifying what she called an “underlying sexualized culture” in the military that was hostile to women and LGBTQ2 members.

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The public perception of Trudeau's relationship with the Canadian military will continue to sour. After scandals involving some of his top senior officials have plagued his government, the agreement to settle this class-action lawsuit with Armed Forces members and Department of National Defence employees furthers the turmoil. Although the PM has no direct involvement, he is the head of government and as such, the buck stops with him.

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Andrew Scheer's message to Canadians

Andrew Scheer's message to Canadians that Trudeau has broken their trust.

July 17, 2019
Abacus Data

New Abacus Data poll shows Top 3 issues impacting voters are: cost of living, healthcare, and climate change

The latest survey conducted by pollsters Bruce Anderson and David Coletto from Abacus Data attempted to shed some light on the "possible issues that might affect" voters in the upcoming federal election.

Of the top six issues, the Liberals have an advantage over the Conservatives on health care, climate change, and housing affordability. The Conservatives have an advantage on the cost of living, taxes and good jobs and wages. The NDP fares best on income inequality, indigenous reconciliation, out of pocket health costs, and fighting discrimination. The Green Party draws more support around climate change, indigenous reconciliation, transit, “backroom deals,” and income inequality.

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It is no surprise the Green Party polled its highest on climate change, while the NDP did well on 'out of pocket health costs' considering universal pharmacare is part of their platform.

Canadian voters attribute the Conservatives with good jobs and wages, cost of living, and taxes. This is a positive for Andrew Scheer who has been constantly making the case that Justin Trudeau's Liberals will make life more expensive for ordinary Canadians. CPC surrogates will drive this message in Alberta and the Prairies, of course, but also expect to hear this in Quebec which has been the focus in recent weeks for all parties as well as in Ontario where federal conservative support has decreased because of Doug Ford.

National Post

Canadian food inspectors flagged 900 items from China over 2 years

Internal federal records, obtained through access-to-information law, reveal nearly 900 food products from China containing unmentioned allergens and harmful contaminants were intercepted at the Canadian border from 2017 to 2019. This information comes after China banned Canadian meat and canola imports in June and adds yet another headache for Ottawa over the increasingly testy relationship between both countries.

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After China confirmed a third Canadian has been detained over drug-related offences, the latest news continues to add fuel to the fire. Expect Andrew Scheer and the conservatives to hit Trudeau hard here. On one hand, they have been calling on the federal government to be more aggressive with China. However, now that these records reveal 900 items have been intercepted, and China still banned Canadian meat and canola imports in June, the conservatives will certainly make the case that Justin Trudeau is not doing enough for Canadians and is simply acquiescing to Chinese demands.

Globe and Mail

Ottawa to award a third of the $1.5 billion military contract to Davie shipyard in Quebec

According to the Globe and Mail, Liberal Minister Jean-Yves Duclos will announce that Davie will receive one third of the first wave of contracts for maintenance on the Royal Canadian Navy’s frigates along with Seaspan and Irving, two other shipyards. Davie has long complained of unfair treatment under the government’s shipbuilding strategy and the move is meant to alleviate pressure with the Quebec shipbuilding company.

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Not only is Minister Duclos making an announcement in Quebec, Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough is also expected to make a similar announcement in Halifax at Seaspan’s Victoria shipyard at the same time. Funding announcements continue to be the Liberals' strategy on their pre-campaign election circuit.

Last week the Vice-chief of defence staff resigned which added another wrinkle to the Trudeau's government's handling of the Mark Norman matter. Andrew Scheer called out the Prime Minister and directly attributed the chaos in the military to him. And so, faced with a tough battleground in Quebec, where every major party is vying for seats, what does the Liberal government do? Invest $500 million.


New air passenger protections come into force today

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations from the Canada Transportation Agency kick in today. The new set of rules will require airlines to meet certain obligations, including clear communication to passengers about their rights and timely updates for delays or cancellations. Passengers will also be compensated up to $2,400 if they're bumped from a flight.

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In November 2016, the Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced its long-term vision for Canada's transportation system. One of the pillars for Transportation 2030 is a focus on 'The Traveller'. Modernizing airline passenger rights have become points of contention because of viral videos of extended tarmac delays.

The increased compensation available to passengers is another announcement by the federal government on their pre-election circuit. They are continuing to line up these items which promise more money in the pocket of Canadians even when the International Air Transport Association is arguing Canada is overstepping its authority and violating international agreements.

Nanos Research

With the environment a top issue for voters, Nanos poll shows 56 per cent of Canadians in favour of single-use plastics ban

Canadians are heavily in favour of a ban on single-use plastics such as cutlery and straws, and most would be willing to pay a small premium for environmentally sustainable products, a new Nanos Research survey has found. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in June his government’s plan, if re-elected, to ban single-use plastics by 2021.

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There is a clear consensus amongst all major political parties that plastics pollution requires Government action. Parties however, offer different policies on the path forward to address this issue. This latest Nanos Research poll shows two things. A single-use plastic ban is a popular measure for Canadians and this poll will have Liberal surrogates championing these results like clockwork. On the other hand however, is the notion that Canadians are willing to incur a very small price increase in order to have environmentally sustainable products readily available and so parties are going to have to thread a fine line towards achieving both goals.


Liberal poll numbers rebounding after SNC-Lavalin scandal

Michel Boyer has the latest on polling numbers that show Liberal support has rebounded after the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Airdate: Jul 16, 2019


Canada's air passenger "Bill of Rights" comes into effect

Canadian travellers who run into problems with their airlines will soon have another tool to seek compensation.

Airdate: Jul 15, 2019


Justin Trudeau questioned over Trans Mountain pipeline

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the Trans Mountain pipeline terminal in Edmonton Friday morning.

Airdate: Jul 12, 2019
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Friday, July 19th

0 Days Until Election Day

Five senior members of the People's Party Elmwood-Transcona riding association, including the prospective candidate, have resigned over concerns the party is "harbouring racists, anti-Semites, and conspiracy theorists." The scathing open letter to Maxime Bernier warned of the party's courting of far right, fringe personalities being welcomed in. Meanwhile, Elizabeth May is bringing the Green wave into Toronto today where she is expected to tout her plan to give cities greater control over 'essential services' and protection from their 'provincial overlords'.

On the day British Columbia posted a $1.5 billion surplus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said yesterday Ottawa was open to proposals from the private sector for a refinery in the province amid soaring gas prices. The back and forth between Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer continues over the comments he made to the Dairy Farmers of Canada, promising to 'absolutely' review recent changes in the new Food Guide. Taylor and other health experts are accusing the opposition leader of peddling lies over the evidence-based guidelines.

Japan's ambassador warns China can afford to wait out Canada in their diplomatic dispute, Attawapiskat is receiving help from the feds, and much more coming your way this Friday with everything #elxn43 related.

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